Customized Reporting

Mobile devices are meant to help your company work more efficiently and keep costs down. LINQ ensures you’re always on top of company spending and performance with customized reporting tailored to your evolving needs.

A laptop displaying smartphone usage data

Access your data in a way
that works for you

We meet company requirements with in-depth reporting that gives your executive team both a high-level overview and hyper-specific filters, so you always know what’s going on with your usage.

Analyze mobile spend

LINQ offers a spend analysis that simplifies mobile expense management, making it easy to see where your money is going every month.

Real-time views of mobile expenses

Access your billing from anywhere, anytime via our Qonnect portal. And get a real-time view of time saved, usage, service tickets, and more.

Monitor mobile data usage

Gain insight into company-wide mobile data usage, spot and address problems, or have LINQ send customized text alerts for high data usage out to users on your behalf. 

Let LINQ work for you

Customized Reporting is just the beginning. LINQ handles all aspects of enterprise mobile management so your team can stay on task. Save time and money with:

  • A comprehensive device lifecycle management plan
  • One-to-one service from a dedicated account team
  • Guaranteed savings month after month


Does LINQ aggregate data and resell?

No, LINQ simply manages the client’s current accounts and data. The accounts and data remain in the client’s name.

What carriers does LINQ work with?

LINQ works with all carriers in the United States. In fact, LINQ has relationships with multiple carriers that can be leveraged to ensure clients’ service needs are met.

Can LINQ manage multiple carriers?

Yes, LINQ will manage all carriers, even if the client has multiple. In these situations, the client works directly with LINQ and receives one simplified invoice.

Can we track all costs by each device?

Yes. LINQ uses custom reporting that facilitates the tracking of all costs by unit, department, GL code, location, etc. Clients have access to reports 24/7 via the Qonnect Portal. Clients are also assigned dedicated account managers that can help tailor reporting to suit client needs.

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