LINQ Channel Partner Program

LINQ Partners are leaders and innovators in their respective industries. Like LINQ, they focus on providing their clients with the highest level of care because they know that they can’t be successful unless their clients are. 

They strive to provide best-in-class products, services, and support at all times in order to meet all of their clients’ needs and help them overcome any challenges they faceThis “do whatever it takesmindset is what makes LINQ so successful at solving problems for our clients, and the foundation of our partner network is built upon the drive to help our customers thrive. If your organization’s core values align with ours, you might be a great fit as a LINQ Partner!

  • Expand your Mobile Service Offering
  • Recurring Revenue Generator
  • Branding and Co-Marketing Events
  • Financial Rewards

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What is the Channel Partner Program?

The Channel Partner Program (CPP) is designed for LINQ to partner with companies, organizations, and people who also currently interact with other companies and organizations that provide cellular service to their employees and/or members. The partnership is based upon a shared mission to provide white glove service to their clients as well as cost savings.

How is LINQ’s Channel Partner Program different?

LINQ does all the work!  In most other channel partner programs, the partner and/or their primary agent must manage the relationship between the partner and the vendor.  They must provide engineering and day-to-day support to the new users of the service, handling inbound inquiries when the new client has issues with the product or services provided.  That’s not the case with LINQ.  Once a Partner’s referral becomes a LINQ user, we handle all support and troubleshooting. No need for other parties’ resources to be involved.  Additionally, the revenue share program is simple and straightforward.  Again, no need for a 3rd party to manage it.  LINQ provides regular, and easy to understand reports detailing the amounts earned, and those funds are paid on a set schedule.

What are the benefits of partnership for the Channel Partner?

The Channel Partner will be compensated competitively with a multi-year revenue share program along with industry-exclusive partner incentives.