Your Ultimate Billing, Invoicing, & Reporting Solution

Welcome to Qonnect, the revolutionary online portal by LINQ Services designed to simplify and streamline your billing, invoicing, and reporting processes. Qonnect functions as a comprehensive solution that centralizes all your account information, data usage, device management, and more. With Qonnect, you can manage your mobile expenses and operations efficiently, ensuring enhanced productivity and significant cost savings. 

Key Features of the QONNECT Portal

Centralized Account Management

All Account Information in One Place

Access all your account details without the need to jump between various carrier portals or internal systems. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Device Count Management

Keep track of all your devices, including phones, tablets, and MiFis, with up-to-date counts available at a glance. 

Inventory Management

Efficient Device Redeployment

Manage your spare devices more effectively by redeploying them before ordering new ones, saving costs and optimizing resources. 

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Robust Reporting & Streamlined Invoice Management

QONNECT gets you exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Customized Reports with Instant Export

Create and save custom reports that are ready for you every time you log in, providing you with actionable insights tailored to your needs. Then, generate and export line, case, and inventory reports instantly without any waiting time.

Historical Invoice Access

View and export your past and current LINQ invoices in various formats (Excel, PDF). 

Executive Dashboard

View comprehensive month-over-month analytics on support, data usage, and spending directly from your dashboard. 

Streamline customer support

Your ticketing system or ours? Whether you want us to integrate with your existing system or offer your employees access to our QONNECT portal for 24/7 access, you get reliable, end-to-end user support from LINQ.

Role-Based User Permissions

Tailored Access Levels

Assign specific roles (Administrator, Manager, Accounting, IT Technician, Supervisor, etc) to users, controlling their access to various features and information within the QONNECT portal.

Enhanced Security

Maintain your current authorization processes while allowing customizable access based on each user’s role.

Self Service Capabilities

  • Ticket Management: Submit, view, and manage support tickets directly through the portal, ensuring quick resolution of issues. 
  • Live Chat: Communicate with your dedicated LINQ support team in real-time for immediate assistance and queries. 
  • Customizable Employee Information: Edit and manage employee details such as cost codes and employee numbers in one centralized location. 
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Why Choose QONNECT?

Simplified Operations 

QONNECT consolidates all your mobile management needs into a single, user-friendly portal. This simplification reduces the complexity and time spent on managing multiple platforms and processes. 

Guaranteed Savings 

By optimizing your mobile operations and providing detailed analytics, QONNECT ensures significant cost savings. Our streamlined processes and consolidated billing help you manage expenses more effectively. 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

With features like real-time data monitoring, customizable reports, and efficient device management, QONNECT enhances your operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 

Keep the carrier. Lose the headache.

Let LINQ handle all your enterprise mobile management needs so you can focus on what you do best.