Simplified Billing

We believe that enterprise mobile management doesn’t need to be complicated — especially the paperwork.

group of mobile phones with different statuses: line suspended, upgrade ready, updates applied, repair requested, high data usage

Leave the hard work to us

Trust LINQ to handle complicated carrier bills on behalf of your team. You’ll receive one custom bill — even if you contract with multiple carriers — assigned by cost center to upload directly to your accounting system.

No hidden fees

At LINQ, we keep things simple. You get just one bill that includes devices, services, and carrier costs. No surprise service fees, taxes — or anything else.

No lengthy carrier bills

Our platform reduces the paperwork without compromising on utility. 

Easy cost center allocation

LINQ streamlines financial reporting by earmarking billing to your designator of choice.

Get the big picture

Beyond saving your accounting team time, LINQ simplified billing gives details on your LINQ rate, unit costs, passthroughs, and more. 

Let LINQ work for you

Simplified Billing is just the beginning. LINQ handles all aspects of enterprise mobile management so your team can stay on task. Save time and money with:

  • Simplified MDM platform support
  • One-to-one service from a dedicated account team
  • Guaranteed savings month after month


Does LINQ provide a client portal?

Yes. LINQ provides all clients with access to Qonnect Portal. No more logging into multiple carriers. From services tickets, custom reporting and inventory, LINQ’s Qonnect Portal has you covered with a single sign-in to access all account information regardless of carrier.

Can we track all costs by each device?

Yes. LINQ uses custom reporting that facilitates the tracking of all costs by unit, department, GL code, location, etc. Clients have access to reports 24/7 via the Qonnect Portal. Clients are also assigned dedicated account managers that can help tailor reporting to suit client needs.

Are we able to upload our monthly invoice directly into our accounting system?

Yes. LINQ will take care of monthly billing and email the invoice to the client in their preferred format, allowing it to easily be uploaded to accounting systems. LINQ can also consolidate multiple carriers.

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Let LINQ handle all your enterprise mobile management needs so you can focus on what you do best.