Device Lifecycle Management

We’ve got your device management covered — from beginning to end. LINQ handles all aspects of device lifecycle management. From provisioning and maintenance to cleaning, recycling, and maintaining inventory until you need it.

group of mobile phones with different statuses: line suspended, upgrade ready, updates applied, repair requested, high data usage
group of mobile phones with different statuses: line suspended, upgrade ready, updates applied, repair requested, high data usage

Out with the old, in with the new

LINQ takes the hassle away from company mobile monitoring with a full device lifecycle management program.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Employees order new mobile devices directly from LINQ. We make sure those devices are set up according to your company’s specifications and security preferences. When it’s time to store or retire a mobile device, send it back to us, and we’ll take it from there.

Device Maintenance

LINQ saves your team the headache of endless hours on the phone with carrier customer service to diagnose and repair devices. Employees can call us directly with any issues — and unlike your carrier, we’ll pick up!

Asset Recovery & Disposal

Old or outdated equipment taking up precious floor space? LINQ will collect, wipe, redeploy, or safely dispose of devices that no longer serve a purpose.

Secure Company Inventory

Cut costs and safeguard unused devices with dedicated storage. LINQ monitors and secures your inventory offsite to ensure equipment is available and ready for quick deployment to new users wherever they are.

Let LINQ work for you

Device Lifecycle Management is just the beginning. LINQ handles all aspects of enterprise mobile management so your team can stay on task. Save time and money with:

  • Simplified billing and reporting
  • U.S.-based, one-to-one service
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) support


Who authorizes all equipment purchases?

While LINQ will handle all management activities, clients are still in charge of all decisions. In fact, clients can even delegate permissions to allow certain employees to authorize all equipment purchases.

How long does it take to get new or replacement equipment?

LINQ helps streamline all enterprise mobility tasks, including device purchase and replacement. Using LINQ, clients generally receive equipment within the same timeframe as suggested by the carrier, but without the hassle.

Does LINQ keep device inventory?

LINQ can keep inventory tracking with your current inventory system or on-site dedicated, secure lockers for devices to be deployed and reused as needed. From devices to accessories, LINQ has your inventory needs covered.

Can LINQ supply mobile devices?

Yes. LINQ can work with your carrier(s) to acquire new devices and distribute them directly to end users.

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