How Managed Mobility Services (MMS) Save Time and Money

Oct 11, 2021

As more companies go digital, enterprise mobile device usage is at an all-time high, and only expected to increase in coming years. While the benefits of increased connectivity are undeniable, there are a number of costs and risks that arise if devices are unsecured and unmanaged. Many companies choose to handle mobility management in house, but that approach puts a major strain on internal IT departments, leading to uncontrolled costs and wasted resources.

Outsourcing has become an attractive option for many, as it allows companies to shift the responsibility to an outside partner that specializes in mobility management. With the help of a managed mobility services provider, you can take back control of your spending, limit costs, and ensure your mobile devices help, not hinder, your business.

What Is Managed Mobility Services (MMS)?

Managed mobility services involve the procurement, provisioning, support, and management of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. MMS providers manage clients’ mobile environments on their behalf, helping them save time and reduce costs.

How Managed Mobility Services Save Time and Money

Managed mobility services providers help companies procure, provision, and support smartphones and other mobile devices. This includes device setup, carrier management, cost monitoring and optimization, reporting, and more. Here are some of the many ways managed mobility services providers (along with mobile device management) can add value:

  • 1-on-1 customer support for end users and managers.
  • Create a single point of contact to avoid paying and managing different carriers.
  • Time savings for in-house employees in multiple departments.
  • Install security systems on devices to separate company apps from personal apps.
  • With an MDM, an MMS provider can remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices, or restore functionality to a found phone with backed-up data.
  • Streamline billing to reduce strain on accounts payable.
  • Dispute and resolve billing issues to reduce total mobile device spending.
  • Custom reporting to streamline mobile expense management.
  • Cost savings leveraged from expertise and economies of scale.
  • Efficiencies (translated to savings) via actionable usage reports.
  • Tracking usage and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

In other words, managed mobility services remove the burden of mobility management from internal teams, helping companies focus on business. By outsourcing these tasks to a provider that specializes in MMS, you’ll be able to optimize your mobile ecosystem and get the most value out of your devices.

Final thoughts

An estimate from Blue Hill Research suggests MMS can deliver a three-year ROI of 184% – indicating that outsourced managed mobility services are considerably more cost-effective than in-house or unmanaged mobility environments. This is especially true for enterprise-level businesses and large organizations that rely on a large number of devices.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of managed mobility services and the path to choosing the right provider, you can visit here to download our free ebook.

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