Corporate-owned, business only (COBO)

Corporate-owned, business only (COBO) is a mobile device management (MDM) model where an organization owns and manages their mobile devices to ensure devices are used strictly for work purposes, blocking personal use. This model is often utilized in industries where security is a top priority, such as healthcare, finance, and government. 

Under the COBO model, the organization provides the mobile devices to their employees and installs the necessary business apps and security policies. The devices are typically locked down, preventing employees from installing their own apps, signing into personal accounts, and otherwise blocking personal use on the device. The organization has full control over the device and typically will not hold back to impose restrictions to de-personalize devices.

What are the benefits of COBO mobile devices?

Greater control: With COBO, the organization has complete control over the mobile device, including the apps installed, data access, and security policies. This ensures that the device is configured and used in a way that aligns with the organization’s policies and requirements.

Increased security: COBO devices are typically locked down, which reduces the risk of data breaches and other security threats. Organizations can implement strong security measures such as device encryption, managed web browser, blocking personal apps, and remote wiping in case of a lost or stolen device.

Easier management: Since an organization owns and manages the COBO devices, it’s easier to track and manage them. The IT department can easily push software updates, security patches, and other configurations to the devices, ensuring they are up to date and secure. Devices can also be kiosked to ensure any user can pick up any device and they will function and look identically. 

Cost savings: By using COBO (or just corporately owned in general), businesses can negotiate bulk purchases with mobile device manufacturers, leading to cost savings. Additionally, since the devices are used only for business purposes, an organization can avoid reimbursing employees for personal device usage.

Compliance: COBO can help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements by ensuring that the devices are configured and used in a way that meets the standards set by regulatory bodies.

Overall, COBO provides greater control, security, and easier management of mobile devices, which can result in a more efficient and productive workforce while also reducing security risks and costs.

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