Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is a technique used by mobile carriers or internet service providers (ISPs) to intentionally limit the internet speed or data usage of a particular user or group of users. Bandwidth throttling is usually done to manage network congestion, ensure fair usage, and control the overall usage of the network.

In the context of mobile devices, bandwidth throttling is the limiting of the data speed of a user’s mobile internet connection, either by reducing the maximum speed or imposing a cap on data usage. This can result in slower download and upload speeds, buffering while streaming videos, longer loading times for web pages, and other similar effects. 

Mobile carriers or ISPs may throttle bandwidth in various ways, such as reducing the maximum speed after a certain amount of data usage, slowing down the speed during peak usage hours, or slowing down the speed of certain types of content or apps. Bandwidth throttling is often implemented as a temporary measure and may be lifted once network congestion subsides or when a user’s data usage resets.

How can a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider help prevent bandwidth throttling on corporate mobile devices? 

 An MMS provider can help prevent the loss of productivity and overall inconvenience that comes with bandwidth throttling on corporate phones. Here’s how:

  • By monitoring bandwidth usage on corporate mobile devices and alerting administrators when usage approaches predefined thresholds, an MMS provider can help prevent data overage charges and allow administrators to take proactive measures to avoid bandwidth throttling.
  • Enforcing usage policies, limiting access to non-business related apps, and remotely locking or wiping devices if they are lost or stolen are critical services provided by MMS partners. Ongoing device management ensures that only necessary data is being transmitted which helps prevent excessive usage that may trigger bandwidth throttling.
  • By working with multiple carriers or ISPs to ensure that corporate mobile devices have access to the best available networks and coverage, MMS providers can reduce the risk of bandwidth throttling due to network congestion.

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