Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal provided by Apple that allows organizations to manage their Apple devices and services. It provides tools and resources for IT administrators to deploy Apple devices and apps in the workplace, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV.

With Apple Business Manager, IT administrators can do the following: 

  • Purchase and distribute apps to an MDM. The apps can be assigned to specific users or devices through the MDM.
  • View and manage the inventory of Apple devices owned by the organization.
  • Enable supervised enrollment with an MDM, which allows for greater levels of control to manage device settings, such as security policies, Activation Unlocks and more.
  • Create and manage Apple IDs for employees, which allows them to access Apple services, including iCloud and the App Store.
  • Automate the enrollment of new devices, so they automatically configure with the appropriate settings and apps.

Apple Business Manager functionally acts as a receipt catalogue and is a free program for use in partnership with an MDM, designed to make it easier for organizations to manage their Apple devices and services in a streamlined and centralized way. ABM is not an MDM itself but is key to unlocking increased control over your company owned devices. 

What are the drawbacks of Apple Business Manager? 

While Apple Business Manager is a powerful tool for managing Apple devices and services in a workplace environment, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

Complexity: The portal can be complex and may require some training to use effectively, especially for organizations that are new to Apple device management.

Limited customization: Apple Business Manager offers a limited set of features and customization options. Organizations will need to use an MDM to fully customize their device management workflows. 

Dependence on Apple services: Since Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal provided by Apple, organizations are dependent on Apple’s services and infrastructure. Any issues with Apple’s services or outages can affect the organization’s ability to manage their devices.

How can an MMS provider support businesses who use Apple Business Manager? 

Integration with Apple Business Manager: Many MMS providers can help you setup Apple Business Manager to integrate with your vendors and MDM, providing a more comprehensive set of device management tools and services. 

Device management: With an MMS provider, businesses receive additional device management support to manage your MDM. This includes features like remote device wiping, device tracking, and other security features.

App management: They can help organizations manage your MDM’s app distribution, including deploying custom apps, managing app licenses, and tracking app usage.

Customization: Providing additional customization options for your MDM’s device management workflows, including customized reporting and analytics.

Technical support: In-depth knowledge of Apple Business Manager and customer service can be valuable for organizations that need help managing their devices.

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