3G: Going, Going, Gone

Mar 23, 2020

Updated: Mar 23

Hey flip-phones, older smartphones/tablets, and various Internet of Things devices…

It’s time to say goodbye.

Ever since 2012, carriers have been hinting at the discontinuation of 3G services. Eight years later, in order to give users time to upgrade/adopt to devices that utilize newer networks, the sunset of these capabilities is now in sight. In fact, Verizon is phasing out its 3G network, and AT&T will do the same by the beginning of 2022. Although exact dates have yet to be announced, T-Mobile plans to quickly follow suit.

So long 3G network

3G was an important milestone that initially brought life to many of the cellular enabled devices that we know and love. 4G was introduced in 2009, and as networks continue to grow and become more innovative, the decision to shut down 3G capabilities has become an important one. These measures are being taken by carriers in order to address limited capacity/bandwidth, better support high data usage, and push towards wider adoption and devotion to 4G and 5G network capabilities.

Implications for you and your business

Amidst the move to discontinue 3G, it is estimated that almost 20% of wireless connections in the US are still utilizing this outdated network. Some of these connections are cellular devices owned by individuals, but the majority are mobile devices and other IoT devices owned by businesses of all sizes. These include security solutions, GPS, medical devices, and more. By understanding the implications and possible cost of the upcoming changes as well as the opportunities that lie within the future of network capabilities, you can effectively set your business up for success.

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