Industry: CyberSecurity – Managed Endpoint

CyberReef is zero trust mobility edge. A firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), their MobileWall platform provides secure private networking with malware protection, data analytics and intelligent traffic management (TrafficIQ).

At the base of every CyberReef connection, is secure private networking. The creation of an APN, allows CyberReef to create zero trust network access – even remotely – with static private IP addresses. With the MobileWall platform, CyberReef includes malware protection and can provide multi-point termination.

Logging into MobileWall allows customers to see high level network data analytics in an easy to read and intuitive dashboard.  Giving tech departments access to data categorizations and trends in their mobile network across all carriers.  MobileWall also provides alerting and reporting; delivered via email to users as requested.

MobileWall’s TrafficIQ, an industry first, provides firewall-as-a-service expected traffic shaping like group policy management and web filtering.  In addition, MobileWall uses TrafficIQ to shape the data usage. TrafficIQ can throttle usage not only at the total pipe but down to the URL level, giving tech teams the ability to save on both network usage and costs.

As we move toward an increasingly mobile society and work place, MobileWall provides a seamless user experience while securing the company network.

MobileWall is easy to deploy and, simply, the best value cybersecurity in the market.

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